Featured Artists for 2018 Sorrento Art Show hosted by the Rotary Club of Sorrento

Jayne Henderson

Jayne Henderson has had a long association with the bay. Melbourne born, she spent many holidays at Mount Eliza,where,  as a child she started to paint scenes of beach and promontory. You will notice in her mature paintings, not only the love of bayside subject matter, but also an attention to detail as well as the determination to portray it as it is …realistically.

This character is enhanced by a high key palette which makes her work distinctive and instantly recognisable. Her style is strong and vigorous, showing the influence of the Australian impressionists she so admires. Collectors of her work appreciate and admire the exactness of her tonal values.

Ron Farnill

Ron Farnhill  Born Leeds Yorkshire UK, Ron’s inborn love of the sea took him in his spare time to theYorkshire coast and eventually to serve in the Royal Navy during World War II. After migrating to Australia sea going days over the time came when Ron decided to use his talent to capture his experiences and memories on paper, bringing the ambience onto dry land. His skilful use of watercolour, colour harmony, composition of shapes and his obvious enjoyment of painting make his “marine portraits” a continuing joy to those fortunate to possess one.

He is a member of AGRA, the Peninsula Art Society, The McClelland Guild of Artists, Oak Hill Gallery.

Gabrielle Young

Gabrielle’s artwork is inspired by nature and the patterns hidden in the landscape, in animals, plant and sea life. She loves to create a close-up view of a particular environment and is drawn to using a great deal of detail in her work. She also often tries to create a sense of movement in her pieces.

Gabrielle’s artwork features subjects which are hand drawn in fine detail using ink pen or pencil, wherein a variety of patterns feature as the details observed in shells, marine life, leaves, flowers, insects or birds are interpreted. She also uses ink applied by brush to create the background colours reflective of the season or scene portrayed. Her pieces can look busy and haphazard but they are meticulously planned to try and create a sense of balance in the art work. Gabrielle predominantly uses ink and ink pen but additionally works with pencil, watercolour and acrylic paint.

Gabrielle is a member of the Peninsula Art Society and has been exhibiting in art exhibitions across Melbourne since 2009. She is largely a self taught artist but over the years has undertaken many short courses in life drawing and several in illustration with the Peninsula Art Society, Council for Adult Education and at RMIT. Gabrielle has also completed a number of privately commissioned artworks and is always keen to find new challenges and opportunities to create and show her work.

Gabrielle's Prizes, Awards & Contact Info

‘Best Work’  –   Flinders Art Show
‘Best Other Medium’  –   Derinya Art Show
‘Commendation’  –    Mornington Rotary Art Show
‘Best Other Medium’  –   Sorrento Art Show

‘Commendation’  –   Mornington Rotary Art Show

‘Commendation’  –   Mornington Rotary Art Show

‘People’s Choice Award Runner Up’  –   Frankston Arts Centre Open Exhibition

‘Best in Show’  –   Peninsula Art Society Spring Show
‘Highly Commended’  –   Frankston Arts Centre Open Exhibition
‘Commendation’  –   Mornington Rotary Art Show

‘People’s Choice Award’  –   Peninsula Art Society Spring Show

Email: gyoung20@tpg.com.au
Website: www.gabrielleyoungartist.com 
Facebook Gallery: Gabrielle Young artist facebook

Janette Ellis

Janette Ellis will be one of the featured artist this year…. Details to follow shortly