The 37th Annual Rotary Club of Sorrento Arts & Craft Show

Saturday 6th March – Monday 8th March 2021

Due to Covid restrictions the question and answer information listed below may not be applicable to our March 2021 exhibition. The changes that we have been advised to make for this show are:

  1. Participating artist numbers will be limited to 75. Artists will be chosen at random from a list of those who would normally exhibit at our January show;
  2. Painting numbers will be limited to 400;
  3. Allowable painting sizes will be increased;
  4. Each artist may submit up to five works;
  5. All paintings irrespective of size will attract a $10 entry fee;
  6. All exhibits will be eligible for judging;
  7. Evening delivery and pickup will be available;
  8. There will be no provision for Late Entries;
  9. There will be no official opening night.

Why does Sorrento Rotary hold an Arts & Craft Show?

Sorrento Rotary aims to provide;

  • an outlet for local artists and those new to art to exhibit their work:
  • a community event for holiday visitors to the Peninsula:
  • a source of funds for the Rotary Club, for distribution to community projects

Why are exhibitors in your show limited to ‘invitation only’?

We need to control the number of paintings that we receive as we are limited by hanging space. The Club has no secure storage space for extra paintings that can’t be hung.

I’m not on your present list. Does that mean I can never get an invitation?

No. Each year we send out some 450 invitations and we expect to receive some 250 replies. As a consequence, the names of those artists who have not contacted us for some time (3 years) are removed from the active mailing list. This leaves room each year for new artists.

How do I get on the list?

Call George Segan 0432 430 336 or email

Why are some artists allowed more than three entries, or, indeed, oversized entries ?

The Show aims to maximum its public appeal. Some artists have either a regular sales record with us or are otherwise considered professionals in their field. These artists receive a special invitation from us.

Do you reject entries because of a lack of artistic merit?

No. Unless the entry is deemed offensive, it will be displayed.

The Sorrento Art Show is held in January. Why do you need our entry information so early?

We need time to compile and publish the catalogue. It is difficult to achieve this over the Xmas holiday period.

I received an entry form but I’ve lost it.

Call George Segan 0432 430 336 or email

I’ve missed the cut-off date for entry. Can I still exhibit?

Yes, providing that you are on the mailing list and have been sent an entry form. Send in the entry form ASAP and also ring George Segan on 0432 430 336. You will probably miss the catalogue and in this case your work will be treated as a Late Entry.

What is the significance of a ‘late entry’?

Late entries to the Sorrento Art Show are works which are displayed in the normal way but are not listed in the catalogue. A Late Entry List will be available to patrons at the Hall.

I’ve already sold a painting(s) that I had previously nominated for your show. Can I submit a replacement(s)?

Yes. It will be treated as a late entry.

How do I get my art exhibits onto the Art Show Website and Facebook Page?

Once you have entered and paid your entry fee you are welcome to email one of your works (jpeg or pdf file) to with a brief description of the painting.

I have been approved to submit more than three artworks. Why do I need to nominate which three of my works will be the ones eligible for judging?

This year the art show prize purse has increased significantly. To be fair to all, works deemed eligible for judging will be limited to three per artist. Artists submitting more than three entries should nominate, on their entry form, which three of their works are to be judged. If this is not done, the committee will nominate the artist’s three most expensive works.

“How do I know if my works have been sold?

Ring George Segan on 0432 430 336. If all your works have been sold you will receive a telephone call.